Support Groups and Services

116 Marshlands Rd, Shirley, Christchurch 8061

PO Box 32 035
(03) 365 5344 or 0800 424 399 (Rural Canterbury)
Sheree Menzies

MHERC’s website and free public library contain up to date information on a wide range of mental health topics and services. Books, DVD’s, CDs, video tapes and audio tapes are available for loan to the people of Canterbury, either by visiting the Centre in person or through our free postal service. Hours: 9am–4.30pm Monday to Friday.

185 Peterborough St, Christchurch
(03) 379 1953
Lisane Garbutt (reception)

Free, professional and confidential counselling available to all gay and bisexual men and couples, and to any people affected by HIV and their significant others. Free, anonymous, simple and quick Rapid test (results within 1 hour) for HIV and Syphilis.

HIV prevention programmes: LYC ‘Love Your Condom’ for Gay and Bisexual men, African communities. Workshops covering: Sexual health/sexuality/diversity/homophobia. Free condoms. Cheap lube.

PO Box 7537, Sydenham, Christchurch
(03) 379 6910

24 hour Crisis Line and Support, safe accommodation, confidential residential care, rural services, appropriate referral agencies, education and training, lesbian services, Te Ara Atea (mandated/non-mandated person’s programmes) tamariki programmes, residential and community.

Level 1, NZAF Building, 31 Hargreaves St, St Mary’s Bay, Auckland

PO Box 147 663, Ponsonby, Auckland 1144
Trevor Easton

National confidential telephone counselling and information service for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and takataapui community. Skype counselling available and face to face if in Auckland. Mon – Fri 9am – 9pm and Sat – Sun 6pm – 9pm.

021 175 3631

Phoenix is Q-topia’s gender diversity support group, supporting gender diverse, trans and any young person questioning their gender identity. Phoenix meets every fortnight and is open to anyone under 30yrs.

We aim to provide a safe environment where people can safely explore diverse issues and be supported on their journey. A voluntary group of facilitators aged 18-35 organising fortnightly events, events include meeting up for co ee, DVD’s, games, picnics, other outings, workshops and networking with other national Queer Youth Groups or simply co ee and a talk.

Facilitators are governed by a code of ethics and are overseen and supported by a board that have established Q-topia as an incorporated society and are members of the Canterbury Youth Workers Collective.

c/o: University Student Association
Ilam Road, University of Canterbury, Christchurch

Q Canterbury is a social and support group for members of the GLBTI community studying/working at The University of Canterbury and the wider Canterbury community Q Canterbury is a UCSA affiliated club. If you are not a member of Q Canterbury and would like to join please send one of the officers an email.

PO Box 33239, Barrington, Christchurch, 8244
021 175 3631

q-topia is a social support network for *queer youth (or youth who are questioning their sexual identity) in the Canterbury region aged 14-25. We run regular social events and aim to have a lot of fun. We meet weekly, some of our events include going to cafés, movies, picnics, ten pin bowling, go-kart racing, watching DVDs or simply hanging out.

q-topia provides a social support group for queer youth that affirms and appreciates the diverse qualities of participants. By providing a safe and interesting space for queer youth to meet others, q-topia aims to provide an environment where those who attend the group can safely explore issues and be supported in having pride in who they are.

q-topia is a ‘queer’ play on the word Utopia. Utopia is an imaginary place where everything is perfect. Well, that’s what we’re aiming for!

If you are interested in attending or becoming a facilitator please feel free to contact us 🙂 or  ‘Q-topia’ on Facebook

(03) 328 9409
Linda Jean Kenix

Rainbow Families New Zealand is an organisation dedicated to building relationships and connections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) parents, prospective parents, and their children. We meet regularly across the country in specific regions through informal family gatherings, celebrations and events, and connect through our Facebook page.

11 Edinburgh Street, Auckland
(09) 376 4155
Duncan Matthews,

Rainbow Youth is an Auckland based organisation that provides support, information, advocacy and education for queer young people and their families.

10 Washington Way, Christchurch
(03) 365 2293

The Rodger Wright Centre is primarily a needle exchange, but also offers free help and advice to drug users and friends about health issues from a harm reduction perspective. We also carry a range of resources related to blood borne viruses and various aspects of health and safety in respect of injecting drug use, as well as safe sex supplies.

Mon to Fri: 9am – 10pm / Sat: 11am – 10pm / Sun: 12pm – 10pm Public Holidays: 12pm – 8pm